Evolution, Excuses and Printer Paper with Holes

I will start by stating that I am blaming technology for this being my first blog post for this class.  The fear and overwhelming nature of starting something new has crushed my confidence as an After Degree student.  I have resorted to writing out these blog post by hand and then throwing them into a fire. I have used the smoke to make signals in hopes that they will be seen in the far reaches of the Yukon for everyone in this online course.  Needless to say I have not got any feedback.

In all honesty I have not been posting because getting familiar with the technology takes time and I have not invested enough of it to feel comfortable.  Click on the link (yes I can add a link…but there is probably an easier way to do it than the way I have chosen in this post) and see how far technology has come. I am used to the gigantic overhead projector than the ones that are suspended from the ceiling in todays classroom.  As I wipe away these nostalgic tears and reminisce of the good old days where a printer had holes that fed the paper threw, I feel like these raw emotions be focussed towards a teachable moment.

My lack of blogging could be considered lazy, resistance to try new things, fear of messing up and being laughed at by my peers, overwhelmed with other courses, procrastination, not being able to use this format as an ideal way of learning, being intimidated to ask for help or maybe it is just all of the above… If I am feeling these things than it is safe to say other students (none of you guys, I am thinking hypothetical classroom here) may be feeling these emotions as well in certain areas, regardless of whether or not it is tech related.

To summarize, I will retract my blame of tech because it is not solely his(or her) fault. I will work on eliminating the excuses and invest the time needed to be a more effective user of technology.  Most importantly when I am the frustrated teacher of a student who is weeks behind in assignments, I need to make sure I am considering all the necessary information that I overlooked in myself for getting this far behind.




One thought on “Evolution, Excuses and Printer Paper with Holes

  1. raquelbellefleur

    Hey Andrew,

    Congratulations and great job on your first blog post ever!! I’m proud of you for trying something new. Also, I think I laughed out loud three times while reading this.

    I love that you made the connection between your feelings of fear, intimidation, and insecurity and the possibility of your students feeling that way in your future classroom. I had a similar experience recently. I was super stressed out about an assignment and finally asked my prof for an extension. She was super gracious about it and even gave me the freedom to choose my own new due date! The feeling of relief I got gave me this strong resolution to be gracious and understanding to my students when it comes to due dates and late assignments.



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