Digital Ident(envy)

One of the major themes of this ECMP class is the importance of building a positive digital identity for a teacher.  Since I have already taken a class from Katia I have already gone through my Facebook pics and deleted any inappropriate photos or posts.  Since I was in my twenties long before cells had cameras, I do not have to worry about any photo scandals popping up anytime soon (big sigh of relief).

I did a little research of myself online after our digital creeping session a few weeks back because I was curious if anything would come up.  What I found was alarming.  Apparently I am a big fat zero on Google.  What did come up was someone from Australia has stolen my name and is a programmer of some sorts for Google… This imposter had a vibrant digital identity with youtube clips, images, google+, etc.  I was flooded with jealousy and sadness that I could not even find a picture of myself on google images.

A year ago having digital anonymity would have suited me just fine. Now that I am applying for teaching jobs and knowing that 56% of employers check Facebook pages, I am worried that this computer programmer from Australia might kill me from getting a job.  I may or may not have woken up in a cold sweat after sitting down for an interview and was asked why I no longer had an Australian accent.

I know that this Ident(envy) that I am experiencing can be curbed by posting more to my blog, being more active on twitter and using the internet for more than just searching sports scores.  Time to buckle down and BLOG…


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