To E or not to E(portfolio)

During reading week I had my first experience about whether or not to share my e-portfolio in an interview.  Due to a lack of technical fortitude I chose to take in a hard copy ( I am such a chicken).  After getting everything organized and ready to present in my portfolio, I felt confident that I would be able to use it to represent my accomplishments and abilities as a perspective teacher.  When I sat down with the interviewer and things started to get rolling, I could tell very early on that the interviewer did not care at all about this majestic black leather binder that I had spent hours on preparing…

This is not to say that I could not have shared some things at certain points from my portfolio or that the interviewer did not care that I had examples of the hard work that I put in during my internship.  I just think that they were more concerned with my ability to answer questions and communicate.  Nevertheless, I was surprised that there was not much focus on it.

The previous post that I wrote was about my non existent digital identity and it was written before I even read that we were suppose to review an article on digital resumes.  Now that I have read the article and I have had this contrasting  experience with my portfolio, I think I am starting to wrap my head around the idea of why I need to be more equipped to speak to the importance of digital identity.

  • I can not refute evidence just because of my experience in one interview
  • The person that conducted the interview may not have cared about as my portfolio as a preference (I do not think it mattered whether or not it was a hard copy or digital)
  • Even if my interview experience is normal today that does not mean that things are not going to evolve to digital format sooner rather than later.
  • As things change and digital identity/e-portfolio/digital resumes become more the norm.  I need to be prepared as a teacher to guide students through this process effectively and not continue to stumble and bumble through as I am now.

The best teachers are ones that can adapt and stay relevant with current trends.  They never seem to get frazzled when a student is off task or there youtube clip won’t work or the mimeo is not projecting.  It is so important to keep up with the times and be current as a teacher, especially when it comes to digital identity or innovative tech in the classroom.  So just because I had a bit of a let down in my interview and lack of attention paid to my black book, I should not devalue the importance of the current trend of making students efficient in all things digital.


1 thought on “To E or not to E(portfolio)

  1. gillianmaher

    Thanks for sharing this experience, Andrew. I’ve heard of this happening a few times in interviews and it’s interesting to keep in mind. Unfortunate that they didn’t pay too much attention to your hard work but I think that probably won’t be overlooked… you were obviously very prepared. I really liked your reflections on this experience and I agree that it’s good to keep in mind that this new technology and uses of online resumes/portfolios may become extremely useful in the future. Good thing we’re in this class learning how to use it appropriately! Thanks again for your insights.



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