Learning Project #2 Ribs off the bone

Firstly due to some unforeseen work issues there is a bit of a Goof in the video.  Part of this learning project is suppose to be about having meals prepared so my family does not eat out so much.  I say in the first video that I am not going to be home for supper, but obviously I am. I do not want to taint this learning project with lies so I felt I should come clean.

On the menu is slow cooker fall off the bone ribs.  Another recipe that I pulled off of pinterest. This was definitely the best meal I have cooked maybe ever.

I wanted to provide proof that I am not just hitting up Tony Roma’s after feeding the other ribs to the cat.   Here is the proof.

This is what they looked like in the slow cooker when I got home from class.


And the reaction from my critics…

I think that they were a hit.  Lucy showing off rib fingers.


I am tackling pork chops next on the BBQ.  I am really going to focus on calories for the next meal by cooking without a lot of additives.  Hopefully my critics are not to tough on me.


One thought on “Learning Project #2 Ribs off the bone

  1. mckillopryan14

    I am enjoying following your journey as a cook Andrew! I cannot believe you have never used the slo-cooker before. As a university student, I use my slo-cooker I got from grad on a weekly basis because it is so easy to throw something in and then have leftovers for the week. I am going to have to try out this recipe. From the reaction of your critics, they seem like a hit! What do you find most challenging about prepping meals for your family? I try to meal prep as much as possible, but I find that some weeks go a lot better than others. I find it difficult to find recipes that are easy, healthy, and affordable. Looking forward to see what you cook up next.



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