Fingers, Fries, Bette Midler and the Jolly Green Giant

On the menu today are homemade chicken fingers and fries.  I do not own a deep fryer and I have always been super annoyed when you make fries in the oven and they turn out soggy.  I am trying 2 new recipes so I was a bit worried if they bombed.  Also I hate cleaning up so using cooky sheets covered in foil really made clean up easy.

IMG_4991             IMG_4992

I also tried to incorporate some sick tunes into the cooking experience.  Let me tell you, Bette Midler is truly the wind beneath my wings…

House did not burn down but the girls basketball game took close to 2 hours so the fries were a bit cold by the time we got back.  I did not have time to fancy up any veggies for the meal so the kids were stuck with Jolly Green Giant frozen vegetables.  Here is what the critics had to say.

IMG_4995                IMG_4993

Next post will be a legitimate slow cooker meal prepared for when I am at school.  I hope my wife can remember to get some responses from the critics before swimming lessons but I won’t hold my breath on this happening.



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