Tender(loin) and care

The learning project experience has become a lot easier and I am finding that it has become much easier to find new recipes and simple ways to cook food.  For todays meal I am using the slow cooker again and trying to have something ready to go for the “fam” when they get home from school/work.  The food needs to be ready to roll when they walk in the door because they have to go to swimming lessons right after supper.  I am cooking a pork tenderloin meal that I found on youtube with some baked veggies and minute rice.  I do not think that kids are going to like this meal so this will be a strong indicator of bias if they say they like it.

There will also be a rant at the end of this post regarding some of the struggles that families are facing to maintain a healthy diet.

The recipe…


IMG_4998                                  IMG_4997                               IMG_4996

And the responses.

I am going to try and spend some time next week prepping some freezer meals for the slow cooker.  Should be interesting, but I feel like I need to because of my lack of preparation last week led to a family stop at McDonalds.  I was a bit miffed when I got home from work and saw the remains of 2 Happy Meals in the garbage.  I have been looking into some of the issues surrounding nutrition and how difficult it is with the pace of life to keep up with healthy eating. I think that there are 2 things that I want to look into for my next post.

  1. The cost of eating healthy
  2. The ease of eating unhealthy



4 thoughts on “Tender(loin) and care

  1. celinarisling

    Your learning project is looking great, Andrew. Your title of your blog captured my attention and I love your use of video’s. I have not incorporate videos in my own blog but I see how powerful they can be. Your use of pictures and your recipe makes it easier for others to follow along and to create the same. I’m interested in next weeks idea of prepping frozen meals. Your overcoming the challenges of a busy schedule and it encourages me to eat healthy and do the same. There are no excuses!


  2. raquelbellefleur

    Hey Andrew,
    I’ve been enjoying following your learning project. I love how you include short videos with your adorable kids! Looks like you’ve made some great progress on cooking healthy meals.

    I’ve been working on eating healthy for about a year now and I use Pinterest to keep track of recipes I like. I thought my Clean Eats board might be helpful to you: https://www.pinterest.com/raquelbellefleu/clean-eats/ Let me know if you try anything from it or if you want suggestions on which recipes are my favourite!


    1. Andrew Gerrand Post author

      I will be going through these for sure Raquel. I am starting to run out of ideas and one of the keys to this LP is quick and easy so finding recipes on sites like pinterest is about as quick as it gets.



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