Spinach Chicken minus the Spinach…

This is going to be the last learning project post outside of my finale, which still is being figured out.  I made some Spinach Chicken, but I did not have any spinach so I altered the recipe a bit.  It was extremely easy to make and pretty tasty it u like cream cheese.  I found out after a few bites that one of the critics did not like cream cheese… Oh well.

IMG_5053                          IMG_5054

Here are the videos.

This last video is the change of heart from the initial response.  Keep in mind that the sheer fact she is trying this without ketchup is a stretch.

Outside of the grand finale, I wanted to shout out to anyone who gave me feedback and watched the videos for this learning project.  Your will the cooking oil that kept this engine going…


1 thought on “Spinach Chicken minus the Spinach…

  1. mskeller

    Hello Andrew.

    This is the first time I have checked out your learning project. That chicken looks delicious and I might have to try making it myself. I will now have to look at the rest of your project. I think it is awesome you incorporated your loved ones in your YouTube videos, they were awesome to watch.
    Great Job!



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