About Me

My earliest experience teaching started as a basketball coach when I was in my teens.  As I slowly worked through my first degree in History I continued to coach but never really thought about an ideal profession.  I got a part-time job as a casual Child Care Worker at the Ranch Ehrlo Society in my last year of school and started working there full-time right after finishing my degree.  I have worked at Ranch Ehrlo for over a decade, got married, was blessed with 3 kids and continued to coach as much as I could.  I always felt that I was good at my job and related well to the troubled youth that I was working with, but the shift work grind was wearing on me.  As my own kids got older I felt that I needed a job that still focussed on working with young people, but had hours that were more conducive to a young family.  Teaching was a logical transition.  The experience of going back to school has been a positive experience and I have enjoyed this new path.  As this journey to become an educator is nearing its end, I hope to continue to evolve my skills as a teacher by maximizing my exposure to innovative techniques and emerging technology.