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One more…

I am going to make this quick because I have already wrapped up, in delicious bacon, my learning project but I felt like I should go one more round seeing as how I felt like I had lots of time.  I made bacon wrapped steak sliders, bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with feta wrapped in bacon sliders and pulled pork sliders.

IMG_5090 IMG_5089 IMG_5088 IMG_5087

I also created a poll after taking my food into our last ECMP class.  Did not get much for voter turn out, but at least someone that did not even eat the food voted let me know that they did not like it.  Once I saw that this loser voted it prompted me to vote that I did not like my food either

.  Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.30.08 PM

Thanks very much to anyone that followed my learning project.


Spinach Chicken minus the Spinach…

This is going to be the last learning project post outside of my finale, which still is being figured out.  I made some Spinach Chicken, but I did not have any spinach so I altered the recipe a bit.  It was extremely easy to make and pretty tasty it u like cream cheese.  I found out after a few bites that one of the critics did not like cream cheese… Oh well.

IMG_5053                          IMG_5054

Here are the videos.

This last video is the change of heart from the initial response.  Keep in mind that the sheer fact she is trying this without ketchup is a stretch.

Outside of the grand finale, I wanted to shout out to anyone who gave me feedback and watched the videos for this learning project.  Your will the cooking oil that kept this engine going…

You can’t win em all

I have been swamped with school work, work work and family stuff over the past few weeks and even though I have some meals to post I have been neglecting my learning project.  I popped in to the local foodery after class in hopes of picking up some fresh Salmon.  Unfortunately, the combo of cost and size prevented a fresh purchase.  So I bought some frozen salmon and decided to give a different recipe a try.  Super simple, super quick and hopefully super tasty..

IMG_5030 IMG_5031 IMG_5032

Looks can be deceiving.  I am not too sure if I over cooked the salmon, but it was by far the worst thing I have made so far.  My daughter Madeline’s response was an 8 which proves her bias.  My daughter Lucy gave it a 10, which clearly suggests that a kindergarten does not fully comprehend the 1 to 10 scale.  She did eat all of it though…

I will post the Frozen dinners and their recipes in the next couple of days.  I am hoping to cook a couple more meals for the overall learning project and then have an ECMP invite only dinner party.  The invite only is not due to my dislike for anyone in the class, but rather the cost of food and I am far from being a banquet chef to accomodate 50 plus people.  I am not aware of whether or not it is conflict of interest to invite the professors of the class to a dinner party.  Even if it is not appropriate, or a massive kiss up move, I think the major concern would be potential food poisoning resulting in a failing grade.  Either way when I figure out what the final project looks like I will post something.  Sorry in advance if you get an unvitation.

Tender(loin) and care

The learning project experience has become a lot easier and I am finding that it has become much easier to find new recipes and simple ways to cook food.  For todays meal I am using the slow cooker again and trying to have something ready to go for the “fam” when they get home from school/work.  The food needs to be ready to roll when they walk in the door because they have to go to swimming lessons right after supper.  I am cooking a pork tenderloin meal that I found on youtube with some baked veggies and minute rice.  I do not think that kids are going to like this meal so this will be a strong indicator of bias if they say they like it.

There will also be a rant at the end of this post regarding some of the struggles that families are facing to maintain a healthy diet.

The recipe…


IMG_4998                                  IMG_4997                               IMG_4996

And the responses.

I am going to try and spend some time next week prepping some freezer meals for the slow cooker.  Should be interesting, but I feel like I need to because of my lack of preparation last week led to a family stop at McDonalds.  I was a bit miffed when I got home from work and saw the remains of 2 Happy Meals in the garbage.  I have been looking into some of the issues surrounding nutrition and how difficult it is with the pace of life to keep up with healthy eating. I think that there are 2 things that I want to look into for my next post.

  1. The cost of eating healthy
  2. The ease of eating unhealthy


Fingers, Fries, Bette Midler and the Jolly Green Giant

On the menu today are homemade chicken fingers and fries.  I do not own a deep fryer and I have always been super annoyed when you make fries in the oven and they turn out soggy.  I am trying 2 new recipes so I was a bit worried if they bombed.  Also I hate cleaning up so using cooky sheets covered in foil really made clean up easy.

IMG_4991             IMG_4992

I also tried to incorporate some sick tunes into the cooking experience.  Let me tell you, Bette Midler is truly the wind beneath my wings…

House did not burn down but the girls basketball game took close to 2 hours so the fries were a bit cold by the time we got back.  I did not have time to fancy up any veggies for the meal so the kids were stuck with Jolly Green Giant frozen vegetables.  Here is what the critics had to say.

IMG_4995                IMG_4993

Next post will be a legitimate slow cooker meal prepared for when I am at school.  I hope my wife can remember to get some responses from the critics before swimming lessons but I won’t hold my breath on this happening.


Pork Chops, Asparagus and Calorie Awarness

Part of this Learning Project is about healthy eating.  Trying to convince my daughters to eat a variety of vegetables can be challenging.  I wanted to try and get them to eat some asparagus as well as try and make something work with kale.  My daughters will not eat kale in a salad (I don’t blame them) so I used this kale chips recipe.  I thought that they tasted alright but no go on the girls eating them.  I will keep trying new recipes for kale because every health magazine/ fitness blog says you gotta eat kale.


For supper I made pork chops, oven roasted potatoes/asparagus/carrots.  I barbecued the pork chops using this recipe.

IMG_4958 IMG_4960

There was a complete boycott on the asparagus by both of my food critics but I can attest that it was really tasty.  All you have to do is cook it the same way as the kale from the above recipe.  Here are the girls reaction to the meal.

The other part of this Learning Project has to do with overall healthy eating.  What is unfortunate is that people assume that everyone just knows what is healthy and what is not.  I saw this video on Facebook that shows what 200 calories look like and it is amazing how much healthy food you can eat in comparison to unhealthy food.  This is important to middle years teachers because the health curriculum wants you to delve into this by using Canada’s Food Guide.  Now I have nothing against Canada’s Food Guide, but it is pretty boring and it gets stuffed down students throat in primary years, so by grade 7 I found that the kids were really sick of it.  I found that Kahoot had a lot of quizzes already made which really made formative assessment fun in the classroom and took literally no work.  With the issues of childhood obesity in Canada I really feel that these outcomes need a lot of focus and it is making this learning project morph into something more then just improving my poor cooking.  It is making me think of how I can implement more nutrition and healthy living into the everyday lives of my future students…



Learning Project #2 Ribs off the bone

Firstly due to some unforeseen work issues there is a bit of a Goof in the video.  Part of this learning project is suppose to be about having meals prepared so my family does not eat out so much.  I say in the first video that I am not going to be home for supper, but obviously I am. I do not want to taint this learning project with lies so I felt I should come clean.

On the menu is slow cooker fall off the bone ribs.  Another recipe that I pulled off of pinterest. This was definitely the best meal I have cooked maybe ever.

I wanted to provide proof that I am not just hitting up Tony Roma’s after feeding the other ribs to the cat.   Here is the proof.

This is what they looked like in the slow cooker when I got home from class.


And the reaction from my critics…

I think that they were a hit.  Lucy showing off rib fingers.


I am tackling pork chops next on the BBQ.  I am really going to focus on calories for the next meal by cooking without a lot of additives.  Hopefully my critics are not to tough on me.