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Are anxious kids in the classroom the same as at home?

So I am starting to feel like I am that annoying person that is inundating everyone in class with the over exposure to the same issue.  So if you are sick of me talking or seeing stuff about my kids then I will not be hurt if you do not read this post or watch my videos of my kids critiquing my cooking.

My 7 year old in grade 2 is a bit of an emotional mess when it comes to school (or anything else for that matter) and I wanted to look into whether or not anxious behaviours at home manifest differently at school or if they look the same.  We (my wife and I) have done some inquiring about my daughters behaviour at school and her teacher says that she does not see any issues.  So I wanted to dig a little deeper.

What I found were some good tips from a parents standpoint of what to do and for teachers, what to look for.

I think that being aware of why students are acting a certain way is crucial to good teaching.  I have read some great articles based on tweets and posts from other ECMPers.  I think the best advice that I have heard but is often difficult to practise is being proactive to behavioural issues is more affective than being reactive.

In regards to the title question?  I think that its impossible to tell whether or not the two anxieties will look the same unless you are home schooled.  With the environments being so different anxious kids would act differently depending on where they are and who is around. Making it so important to have open dialogue between teachers and parents. Thoughts?


Introduction Letter

My name is Andrew Gerrand, I will be your cooperating student for my pre-internship. I would like to thank you for this opportunity of allowing me to be a part of your classroom for the next few months. As a class we have been preparing to get into the classroom and teach for over a month, and getting ready for this experience is very exhilarating. I am looking forward to meeting your students and being a positive influence in your classroom environment. I am also looking forward to being a keen observer of your teaching style and how you engage your students. Watching an experienced teacher will certainly help me develop the needed skills to be a successful teacher in the future.
I am an after-degree student with a Bachelor’s degree in History. After finishing my first degree I spent the next ten years working with at risk youth at the Ranch Ehrlo Society. I have mostly worked with adolescent and teenage youth in a 10-bedroom unit that focuses on addictions. I have also enjoyed this last decade but feel it is time to move on to a new career. I have been very active in team sports in my life and try and maintain an active lifestyle. I have coached a variety of sports over the last 15 years, but am currently taking a break with this busy university schedule.   My wife Christal is a registered social worker and also works at the Ranch Ehrlo Society. We have three children, and I am hoping that my role as a parent will assist me as a teacher in the classroom.


As I have already mentioned, I am very excited about this opportunity of being a part of your classroom. I will be able to take direction well, listen attentively and will be a positive role model for your students.