Digital Citizenship Lesson 1 Internship

Digital Citizenship


September 2nd


Health/Life Skills

Grade Level:


Lesson Time:

40 mins (1:20-2pm)

Theme of the Lesson Plan: Digital Citizenship

Brief Summary of the Lesson Plan: Introduce myself. Introduce topic. Go through RCSD’s first lesson with a few wrinkles.


Curriculum Outcome(s):

  • USC 8.1 – Analyze and establish effective strategies of support for purposes of helping others increase health-enhancing behaviours.

Curriculum Indicator(s):

  • a) Locate and evaluate, according to student-generated criteria, both sources of and information about support strategies.
  • b) Describe the benefits one receives from helping others.
  • c) Examine the functions of support persons and networks.
  • d) Compare informal and formal community supports and how to access them.




Lesson Break Down Instructional Strategies:

Classroom Management: Time: Adaptive Dimension & Additional Activities:


What are you teaching? How are you going to teach it?


How are you managing the classroom/students?


  What do you need to adapt for students/ groups? What if they finish what you have planned early?

o   Start off the lesson with introducing myself and discuss what the first couple weeks will look like. Ask one of Colette’s former students to review some of Ms. Davies classroom procedures from last year regarding bathroom etc.





o   Direct Instruction


o   Wait for students to be seated and use countdown strategy if students are off task or too loud


5 mins


o   Use multiple intelligences/ Write Instructions on the board as well as orally explaining



o   Go over “BYOT” with the class.

o   Have all students but one email or share their names to me along with their age and something about themselves using some type of tech.

o   The student that wrote out their information will be asked to tear up their information and throw it out.

o   Introduce Digital Citizenship and explain that the students have just shared their information and what that means regarding digital footprints

o   Distribute handouts

o   Watch the video “Digital Dossier”

o   Distribute Handout 1 to students and get them to complete it.







o   Classroom discussion

o   Direct Instruction/independent work

o   Direct Instruction

o   Visual Learning

o   Independent Work



o   Use Proximity with off task students

o   Circulate classroom during individual work

o   Ask open ended questions and get answers from a variety of students

o   Do not rush through material



5 mins
















5 mins






5 mins



5 mins


10 mins






o   If Students seem to be getting off task have a brain break ready to use



o   Give Students the last handout (mind map) titled “Connected” and get them to fill out all the different types of social media they are connected to.







o   Direct Instruction/ Individual work






o   Play countdown if students finish mind map early.

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Students will keep work in their Health Duo-tangs. The assignments will be completed in class so they do not have to be handed in today. Students will be made aware that all work in their duo-tangs will be observed and subject to grading.