Final Reflection

During the past 8 weeks I have been taking part in my pre-internship in Miss Ziegler’s grade 6/7 classroom at W.S. Hawrylak School. I found this to be an extremely rewarding experience and the most impactful part of my semester. As an aspiring educator, I got more out of being in the Miss Ziegler’s classroom then any of my core classes over the past three months.

The most important part of this 8-week pre-internship was my ability to grow through the process. I felt that every week I was able to improve in all facets of the teaching experience. I was able to build positive relationships with all of the students in the classroom. I think that my overall communication skills and classroom management were identified strengths. I also feel that my lesson plans have improved a great deal from the first week to the last.

Looking back at this through the lens of what my pre-internship goals were, I feel that I was able to achieve success in meeting them to varying degrees.  I stayed on top of my lesson planning as best I could in preparing lessons and not leaving them until the last minute.  The one lesson that I left until the night before was not the most successful in its delivery  (lesson 6 I believe).  Thankfully it was one of my last lessons so I was able to work through teaching without major issues.  I think that I did well in not speaking more than I needed to while giving direct instruction.  Finally, when there were opportunities to observe my coop teach, I paid close attention.  I am looking forward to the three weeks when we are in the classroom everyday so observing can be done more consistently.

Even though the experience was very positive there are some areas that I need to work on to continue to improve. My lesson plans still need to be more organized and fluid. My earlier lessons were not as successful because they were disorganized and tough to follow. I really need to spend some time over the holidays working on how to use technology in my lessons. The few times that I tried to incorporate technology it did not always work effectively and was a drawback in some of the classes I taught.

If I could pick one thing to improve upon for my three week internship block it will be assessment. I feel that it was something that lacked in all of my lessons, and was not a focal point in our university classes this semester. Next semester we are taking a class specifically geared towards assessment, so this will hopefully give me the necessary skills to be more prepared during the next internship block.

I also hope to continue improving on the development of my lesson plans when I get back in the classroom. My lesson planning will be the focal point to make me more organized, have more precise time management and be able to assess the students more effectively.


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