Handout for our Letter to Residential School Survivor


At this point you all should have completed sentences that connect to some of themes that we have discussed relating to Residential Schools.

Our next step in the process is how do we connect three separate issues into one written piece so that all of the information has flow and maintains your writers “voice”.

Remember that we are writing a letter. I have spoken to my friend Joseph from the video we watched and he would be happy to hear from our grade 7 class about what connection we have made about Residential Schools.

Writing a letter is similar to writing an essay, but usually with a lot less writing and way more emotion. It starts off with kind of a mini-introduction followed by paragraphs that discuss what is in the introduction. Once you have discussed the points in your introduction, a letter needs to be wrapped up with a conclusion

A letter starts by addressing it to the person you are writing to.

Dear Joseph Naytowhow,

Introduction: Our Grade 7 class has been discussing some of the awful events that unfolded during the era of Residential Schools. We watched your video about the witness blanket and I was sad to hear about you having your name taken away. I also felt that it was very unfair that children were forced to go to these schools, cut their hair and have to learn to speak a new language that was not their own.

-Name taken away

-Forced to speak English

-Forced to have your haircut

I hope that this letter has reached you in good health. I would like to sincerely apologize for all of the horrendous acts that our government did to you while you were in Residential Schools. I wish that we could turn back time and find a better way to honour the treaties that were signed.


Mr. G

What to do next

Grab a computer and start typing out the sentences you have been working on. Once you have finished typing out your sentences, read through them and start writing an introduction and conclusion that connects the issues that you have discussed. After you feel that your letter is complete email me the letter and I will edit it.