Probability Lesson 1


Date: October 30


Subject: Math
Grade Level: 7


Lesson Time: 60

Theme of the Lesson Plan: Teach basic vocabulary and concepts of probability. Practise using 3 different activities

Brief Summary of the Lesson Plan: Introduce theme. Have a volunteer come up and flip a coin. Work through 3 activities and have each group go through stations at least once to practise theoretical and experimental probability. Work on work sheet at end of class.


Curriculum Outcome(s):

  • P. 7.3. Demonstrate an understanding of theoretical and experimental probabilities for two independent events where the combined sample space has 36 or fewer elements. [C, ME, PS R, T]

Curriculum Indicator(s):

  • Multiple Indicators


Lesson Preparation:

  1. Have Handouts printed and ready to distribute
  2. Make sure that I have dice
  3. Have class split into groups prior to lesson starting



Lesson Break Down Instructional Strategies:

Classroom Management: Time: Adaptive Dimension & Additional Activities:



o   Ask students if they can name scenarios where probability is used. Sports, weather.





o   Direct instruction


o   Countdown from 5




o   Have additional worksheets if students finish early

o   Students can read if they are done early



o   Give a definition of probability

o   Explain how probability is measured (percent, ratio, fraction)

o   Explain the difference between theoretical and experimental probability.   (Have a student come up and flip the coin for experiment)

o   Have students work in groups and complete the three activities

o   After 7 minutes or so have them switch and try another experiment (if there is not looking like there will be enough time then adjust activities






o   Direct instruction

o   Direct instruction

o   Game based activity



o   Circulate during activity


5 min







10 min









30 min






o   With about 10 minutes left in class have students complete a worksheet to check for understanding







o   Independent learning










Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Bell Work, Worksheet at the end of class