Probability Lesson 3 Assessment

Probability 5.3

Date: November 10


Subject: Math
Grade Level: 7


Lesson Time: 60

Theme of the Lesson Plan: Correct and Review 5.1-5.3 practise and do assessment on 5.3


Brief Summary of the Lesson Plan: Bell Work will be a review of 5.1-5.3. We will correct 5.3 in the workbooks and review any questions that there were issues. We will do an assessment on lesson 5.3 Extra Practice Handout.


Curriculum Outcome(s):

  • P. 7.3. Demonstrate an understanding of theoretical and experimental probabilities for two independent events where the combined sample space has 36 or fewer elements. [C, ME, PS R, T]

Curriculum Indicator(s):

  • Multiple Indicators


Lesson Preparation:

  1. Have assessments marked and ready to hand back



Lesson Break Down Instructional Strategies:

Classroom Management: Time: Adaptive Dimension & Additional Activities:



o   Do Bell Work which are review questions from 5.1-5.3





o   Individual and Group Work


o   Countdown

o   Do not continue on with lesson if students are talking


15 min


o   Use multiple Intelligences to teach lesson.

o   Math Minutes



o   Mark 5.3 from our workbook

o   Go through any questions where students had problems.

o   Provide an opportunity for questions prior to handing out assessment

o   Hand out assessment and provide students time needed to complete.






o   Direct instruction

o   Group Work/ Direct Instruction

o   Group Work

o   Individual Assessment






10 min

5 min




5 min






20 min






o   After Assessment is complete, students can work on Math Minutes or work on book report








o   Independent Work






5 min




Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Summative Assessment for 5.3. Math Links 5.3 Handout