Writer Voice Lesson 1

Developing Voice

Date: October 26


Subject: Language Arts
Grade Level: 7


Lesson Time: 40 min

Theme of the Lesson Plan: Help students develop their writing “voice” by writing sentences that express feeling and emotion


Brief Summary of the Lesson Plan: Student’s will be introduced to the concept of “voice” through a PowerPoint presentation and then have an opportunity to create their own sentences working on ideas that we discusses in the lesson


Curriculum Outcome(s):

Curriculum Indicator(s):


Lesson Preparation:

  1. Make sure PowerPoint presentation is working before the lesson begins
  2. Have handouts prepared and ready
  3. Have students aware of Dr. McNeil being at the lesson prior to her being there



Lesson Break Down Instructional Strategies:


Classroom Management: Time: Adaptive Dimension & Additional Activities:



o   Reacquaint students to Dr. McNeil and start PowerPoint presentation by asking students what they think “voice“ means when they are writing





o   Classroom discussion


o   Use countdown strategy if Students are off task.

o   Use proximity and circulation during independent work time

5 min  

o   Use Multiple Intelligences thorough out the lesson. Visual, Oral, Written.



o   Work through the first few slides of the PowerPoint that deal with definitions and examples of how voice impacts writing

o   Provide Students with an example of “If you were a Toronto Blue Jays player how did you feel after you lost the game on Friday?”

o   Ask students to respond orally to this question and see what types of responses are given.

o   Provide Students with the handout that has a variety of scenarios where students have to use “voice” to explain how they would feel if they were in a specific situation.






o   Direct Instruction

o   Classroom discussion






o   Individual Work





10 min







5 min








o   Once Students have worked through the handout get them to work in small groups and share their sentences with one another to show how they all responded differently.

o   If there is time have students provide suggestions to one another to improve their responses




o   Once Students have worked through the sentences see if anyone is willing to share their sentences to the class.














PowerPoint Voice
Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Formative: Mark the sentences from the handout and see what types of answers are provided. Evaluate where lessons need to go after this lesson